Meet the Scholars

Always a Dell Scholar

At the Dell Scholars program, we know that a college degree can lead to greater job quality and economic prosperity for individuals and families. The higher education journey itself can be a transformational experience that helps students prepare to make their mark on the world. That’s why our sights are set on college graduation — because it’s a key that can open the door to a lifetime of opportunity. 

For our Dell Scholars, the story doesn’t end with a college diploma. The grit, ambition, and determination that enabled them to succeed in college also allows them to bring great value to prospective employers. The Dell Scholars program continues to support our alumni via networking opportunities, professional development, and mentoring so that they can address any challenges they face in the workplace. 

Once a Dell Scholar, always a Dell Scholar. Our students become part of the Dell Scholars alumni family and we are so proud to see where their paths leadIn roles as school principalsscientists, and more, Dell Scholars alumni are creating a brighter future, shaping their communities, and making their mark on the world. 

In this video, hear their stories for yourself.