Category: Meet the Scholars

Five Minutes with Trudy

College: Temple University Major: Social Work Year: Senior I’d love to hear a bit about your life growing up in Philadelphia. Of course! Being from Philadelphia, my journey to college was unique, divine, and rare.… Read more »

Five Minutes with Jarin

Jarin College: University of Buffalo Major: Accounting Year: First Year What was your college journey like? Growing up in Brooklyn, I enjoyed the ‘good morning’ from my neighbors and friends I would meet at the… Read more »

Five Minutes with Bryana

College: San Jose State University Major: Psychology Year: Junior What was your journey to college like growing up in Riverside, California? As a woman of color and being an individual who didn’t grow up in… Read more »

Five Minutes with Ellen

College: Heidelberg University Major: International studies, Spanish, and German (triple major), communication (minor) Year: Junior What was it like transitioning from Chicago to a small liberal arts college in Ohio? The first time I visited… Read more »