Category: Meet the Scholars

Five Minutes with Antony and Brandon

Antony College: Dartmouth University Major: Computer Science Year: First Year Brandon College: Dartmouth University Major: Undecided Year: First Year Dell Scholars: This is our first dual spotlight, which we are very excited about! Could you… Read more »

Five Minutes with Luz

College: Texas A&M University Year: Sophomore Major: Mechanical Engineering Dell Scholars: What was your journey to Texas A&M like growing up in San Antonio? College was always seen as an afterthought in my family, mostly… Read more »

Five Minutes with Monica

College: The University of Oklahoma Year: Senior Major: Accounting Dell Scholars: Like many Scholars we know you had a very full plate in terms of home and school responsibilities growing up in Atlanta. What was… Read more »

Five Minutes with Judelka

College: Florida Memorial University¬† Year: Junior Major: Aviation Management with a minor in Flight Education Dell Scholars: Having been born in Haiti, could you tell us a little about your journey to the U.S.? I… Read more »