Beating the odds in college completion: Alejandra’s story

Perseverance. Grit. Determination. These are three common traits of the students who make up the Dell Scholars Program. Our students have overcome many obstacles in their lives from homelessness to single-parent homes to financial insecurity, to name a few. But they rise to these challenges and find ways to overcome them to make it to and through college.

Beating the odds in college completion: Adinawa’s story

Growing up, I spent much of my time working alongside my parents, and it was there that I learned many of the things that continue to motivate each day.  The most important lesson I learned:… Read more »

Where are they now: Dell Scholars Program alumna Vi

Although college enrollment rates have increased substantially over the last several decades, socioeconomic inequalities in college completion have widened over time. The Dell Scholars Program was developed to close those gaps by providing a combination… Read more »

Beating the odds in college completion: Francisco’s story

At the Dell Scholars Program, I work every day to support low-income, first-generation students to college graduation. And as a low-income, first-generation student myself, I can relate to the challenges our Dell Scholars face. I… Read more »