Meet the Scholars

Five Minutes with Demitrius

College: The University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Year: Sophomore
Major: English

Dell Scholars: We know that you are a proud English major at UW-Madison, could you tell us a little about your career aspirations?
I’ve often joked about this idea of seeing myself drinking coffee while working at a large corporation, such as BuzzFeed, Vice, or any places along those lines. However, I actually would like to work for a large-scale company (especially BuzzFeed) that would allow me to inspire others through my writing and my own personal journey.

You specifically mention your journey. What was growing up like for you?
I’m from the heart of Milwaukee, and have lived here just about all of my life. It’s undoubtedly an environment that resides within overwhelming poverty. Luckily, I was praised by my mother in regards to my intellect allowing for myself to have premonitions of a better future and one that involved attending college.

And what about Dell Scholars, what role has the program played in assisting you during your college journey?
Throughout the entirety of high school, I had been very driven to receive a substantial amount of income toward higher education. Dell Scholars has not only helped with the overbearing financial beast that is college, but after experiencing unexpected and exceptionally unpleasant scenarios throughout my first year of college, Dell Scholars has grown to become a place of comfort and support by providing me with numerous nearby resources and also reassuring me that what I had been experiencing happens, and therefore, it’ll pass but I’m not alone in the scenario because of the Dell Scholars team.

Wow, that means so much to us Demitrius. Please know that we mean it when we say we are always here! I know that it hasn’t always been easy, but what has been your favorite part about college thus far?
It would definitely have to be the concept that I am now my own person paying for my own things, doing my own things, whenever I choose to do so. It’s a lot different than how things were back in Milwaukee.

Learning how to be independent and personally responsible is definitely one of the major college transitions that every Scholar experiences. What about fun? What do you enjoy doing away from the classroom?
Listening to music allows me to relax. J. Cole occasionally provides very wise words for a struggling college student.

Okay, well as is customary for our last question – what is one piece of advice you have for your fellow Scholars?
It may sound cliché, but please don’t be afraid to reach out to the staff at Dell Scholars whether it be something relatively small or large – the resources provided probably extend far beyond what you think.