Meet the Scholars

Five Minutes with Juan

College: The University of Texas at Austin  
Year: Graduate (Class of 2018)
Major: Health & Society (Pre-med)

Congratulations on graduating! Now that you’ve put in the hard work to earn your degree, what’s next?
I am currently applying to Officer Candidate School (OCS) for the Texas Army National Guard, seeking a position in the Military Police Corps. In the interim I’m going to be taking a gap year and hope to learn Japanese before shipping off for basic training and OCS.

That’s very impressive, are you hoping to make a career out of the military or do you have other aspirations?
I hope to be able to have a full time career in the military eventually. After I return from my OCS training, my plan is to apply to medical school. I would love to be an Army doctor and provide healthcare to the men and women that serve our country.

Now that you have a chance to look back, tell us something you’re going to miss about college?
I enjoyed the ability to meet people from many diverse backgrounds. I found that aspect of the experience the most fulfilling. There will probably not be another time in life to meet people with so many different ideas.

What about Dell Scholars, what impact did the program have on your college journey?
Dell Scholars provided me with the confidence to take the classes that I needed without having to worry about the financial burden. I feel thankful knowing the program is composed of a very caring staff that looks after the needs of their students.

Those are very kind words, that means the world to us. Someone we know means a lot to you is your mother, could you tell us a little about her?
I was raised in a single parent household. My mother sacrificed a lot to get me to the position that I am in today. She worked long nights and always put me ahead of herself. I remember how she came home late at night because she was putting in extra hours at work.

Thanks Juan and again, congratulations on your recent graduation from UT Austin! Last question, what advice do you have for your fellow Scholars?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help and plan ahead. A lot of people have been in your shoes before. You will always need friends to help you when you are having a rough day and need help on an assignment. College emphasizes team effort and you will need to adapt to this.