Meet the Scholars

Five Minutes with Judelka

College: Florida Memorial University 
Year: Junior
Major: Aviation Management with a minor in Flight Education

Dell Scholars: Having been born in Haiti, could you tell us a little about your journey to the U.S.?
I was born and raised in Haiti and arrived in the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012. I was not acquainted with the English language – I literally did not know a word of it, which made learning English extremely challenging. I have always wanted to be a pilot and I knew that I was going to have to persevere to achieve my dream. I recollect how hilarious it was when being asked a question, and the only answer I could give was a confused smile.

We heard that this summer you are working with Breakthrough Miami, could you share some of what you’ve been up to?
I am currently teaching mathematics and aeronautics. This encourages me, even more, to share my perspective with others and teach them that we might not be able to change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust the sail to reach our destination. One of my main passions in studying to be a flight instructor is so that I can use my knowledge and expertise to lead and educate the hearts and minds of others – especially young people in my neighborhood of Little Haiti in Miami.

That’s tremendous and makes us so proud! Transitioning to your studies, what is your favorite part about college?
My favorite part of college is learning because I truly value education with all my heart and soul. I’ve always believed that education is the key to success!

What role has Dell Scholars played in helping you achieve that aforementioned success?
Dell Scholars is helping me break through the wall of unhappiness, hopelessness, and distress because every time I feel stressed out by the university, or another circumstance you all are always there to help me through it, whether it be a phone call or an email. You are shepherds who are looking after their sheep. It is just incredible, and I want you guys to know that I am truly grateful for all of your help.

Wow that is beyond touching, please know that it’s our passion to be able to work with amazing Scholars like you. We know that school can be stressful, but what do you do to get away and relax?
I listen to music and pray because music and prayer have a way to touch my soul that I do not think science can explain.

Thank you again Judelka, now to our customary final question – what is one piece of advice you have for your fellow Scholars?
I learned that in life the willingness to work, to have self-motivation and resilience, should be your sixth sense. Although we must always remember that life does not have crystal stairs, Scholars should have the eagerness to strive for their best. Climb with resiliency because the best view is the one at the top.