Welcoming Tomorrow’s Leaders to the Dell Scholars Program

Today, we welcome our 18th class of Dell Scholars. As this new class of students embarks on a college education against the backdrop of the pandemic, it’s important to take a moment to celebrate this… Read more »

Changing the outlook for higher education, one diploma at a time

We believe that every student deserves the same opportunity to graduate from college. For students from low-income backgrounds, college enrollment marks the first step toward a bachelor’s degree and along with it, a lifetime of… Read more »

Sweet 16: Welcoming our new class of Dell Scholars

Today, we are excited to announce our 16th class of Dell Scholars. These students have already inspired us with their perseverance, hard work, and determination to make it this far – applying and being accepting… Read more »

Welcoming our 2018 Dell Scholars

Today we welcome our 15th class of Dell Scholars, our largest class of 500 scholars. Over the past 14 years, Dell Scholars has supported more than 4,300 students from across the nation who have demonstrated the drive to succeed and persist toward achieving a bachelor’s degree.