Meet the Alumni

Itzy on Navigating the Path to Impact 

University: California State University, Sacramento, Class of 2015 (B.A.), Mills College at Northeastern University, Class of 2017 (Master of Public Policy) 
Major: Government and Economics 
Career Field: Government 
Current Role: Senior Auditor 

From political engagement during college to her work as an auditor, Itzy describes how her experience as a first-generation Mexican American and the first in her family to graduate from college has motivated her to speak up for what she thinks is right. A big part of auditing is problem-solving, and she has always been keen to bring this lens to the issues facing underserved communities.  

In her role as a performance and statutory auditor for the California State Auditor’s office, she helped resolve issues and make legislative recommendations with a focus on improving child welfare. Today, she is based in Sydney, Australia, and currently working as a senior auditor focused on performance internal audits for private companies and state and federal government.  

New Connections, New Opportunities 

A leadership role with a student organization pushed Itzy to build relationships and grow her network during college. While she was shy in her younger days, her role as the Vice President of Finance for California College Democrats helped her get out of her comfort zone; as she describes, “every connection that I made opened up new doors.” 

When she considered pursuing a law degree, she was able to tap into her network to land a legal internship and later, an internship in financial advising. While law school wasn’t the path for her, she reflects positively on the experience since it helped her gain new clarity and direction. Today, she advises others in her community to take advantage of similar opportunities: “Not only does it look good on your resume, but it really helps you figure out if you want to do something or not.” 

From College Grad to World Traveler  

At the age of 15, Itzy began sketching out a plan for the places she would visit one day, with the Sydney Opera House at the top of the list.  At the time, as the eighth child in a family of 15, travel wasn’t in the cards. Ten years later, after graduating from college and embarking on her career, she landed in Australia for the first time – and decided to stay. 

Experiencing new places is something her education made possible: “As I grew up, I realized I could enable those opportunities by having a career that allowed me to see other communities. I think a lot of young people need to see how the world works outside of their hometown. It really opens up your eyes to new ways of living.” 

Breaking New Ground 

Helping her siblings, nieces, and nephews plan for life after high school, she encourages them to focus on getting an education so they can make an impact in the future. She has been a resource for them navigating everything from financial aid and college applications to scholarship listings. Her biggest advice for those following in her footsteps is to stay open to the possibilities: “Believe in yourself and realize that a lot more people believe in you as well, and you can get to where you want to get to.” 

She also encourages Dell Scholars to have a hobby – to cultivate a passion that they can approach with the same structure and work ethic they bring to their jobs. Itzy writes and records her own songs and has released three songs in the past year! 

“If there was a phrase that could describe my journey, it would be that anything is possible if you just believe.” 

Itzy’s Advice to Dell Scholars 

  • Believe in yourself and stay open to all possibilities! 
  • College will help you build a network of people that can help you throughout your journey. Take advantage of every opportunity to build new connections. 
  • Start with your end goal in mind. It will help you figure out where to take your first step. 
  • Get involved with student organizations and pursue internships that can help you understand the path you would like to pursue. 
  • Travel! Get outside your hometown and see the world. 
  • Make time to cultivate your passions outside of work.